Everything about mind-muscle connection, supersets and isolation – interview with Liam Cavanagh

I met Liam in a Facebook group. We were both looking for people to collaborate with so I asked Liam to do an interview together. We talked mostly about supersets, mind-muscle connection and isolation. Want to know more about these topics? Keep reading! Can you tell us something more about yourself? I am a 21 year … Continue reading Everything about mind-muscle connection, supersets and isolation – interview with Liam Cavanagh

How @fearstofit built her business and life – interview with Kendall Strampel

I think it is now around six months ago that I became an FTF ambassador. I've been following Kendall Strampel (@fearstofit) for a while now and she is one of my biggest inspirations, not only fitness wise but also business wise. She just reached 200k followers which I think is insane! Since I became an ambassador, I was able to learn a lot about her and she is always there to help. I think it's amazing to see her business grow and at the same time, she's offering so much free help with her free challenge she did, her workout videos, YouTube channel, Facebook group and lives... In this interview, we talk a lot about her journey, having an eating disorder, her business, her future goals... and she even shared a business secret!

How to start doing yoga – with Debby the chocoholic

Debby has always been one of my biggest inspirations. I started following her on Instagram a few years ago. I really loved her yoga posts and I decided to give yoga a try. I am still doing yoga now. Not only her yoga pictures inspired me but also her blog and her mindset. When I started this blog, she was the one that helped me out. When I wanted to stop tracking macros, she was my inspiration because she found a way to enjoy food and have a good balance. I am so grateful that I have met her. In this interview, we will talk about everything yoga and meditation.

From an eating disorder to a healthy lifestyle – with Axelle Wilssens

I have been following Axelle for a long time now. I already met her in real life at the Bootytools launch. She's a super enthusiastic girl but unfortunately, her past hasn't always been great. Axelle already wrote a guest blog in March which has been read many times. You can find it if you click here. Unfortunately, it's only available in Dutch since I only started blogging in English a few months ago.